Daily Fit’s and Starts, Endings and Encores

blog and such 006Here’s a way to start and end each day…

 Is there a recipe for life? Psalm 92 :2 gives us the best way to start and end each day.  It says it is good to praise the Lord and the writer tells us specifically how to do this: To proclaim God’s unfailing love in the morning and His faithfulness at night.

Psalm 921 It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
      to sing praises to the Most High.
 2 It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning,
      your faithfulness in the evening,
 3 accompanied by the ten-stringed harp
      and the melody of the lyre.


Proclaim God’s love

In the morning?  I am not a morning person! I often can’t think of one good reason to push back the warm duvet.  So this for me this is a stretch.

 But if you think about it… the day is going to start anyway, no matter how many times you hit the snooze button. So, if it’s gotta have a start, is there any better way to launch the day (or endure its beginning) than to turn your thoughts toward God and his love?    

 Each morning if I take the time to think about God’s love, it will give me the courage to face what each day brings.  If I know that God loves me, I can trust him to lead me throughout the day and if I am secure in his love I will have the confidence to face what ever comes my way.  God’s love will also give me what I need in dealing with people throughout the day.  Self confidence, or lack of it… make way for God confidence. Insecurity and fear can move on out.  I am in the centre of God’s love.


 Proclaim his Faithfulness 

Do you know how much we miss by not taking a moment to reflect on the day and thank God for his faithfulness?  Cognitive behavioral theory states that the focus of a person’s thoughts influences their feeling and behavior.  It suggests that a way to ward off depression is to start a thankfulness journal.  Everyday you record all the good things that happened to you, or the good things you have in life. 

 This is what the psalm is talking about. At the end of the day, take a moment to look back and see God’s hand. Take a moment to seek out Divine fingerprints.  Learn to recognize God’s leading and guiding.  Learn to discern his faithfulness.  He is faithful… we just need to see it.


 And, proclaim it out loud! 

Really? Won’t the family think I have lost the last marble?

 I researched this one a bit.  To ‘proclaim’ is to “shew forth” (Hebrew- ‘nâgad’ ) which means to audibly say something in a bold way – as if in opposition. Once again, the psalmist is stating what research is proving:  the power of the spoken word.  Something in our brain happens when we audibly hear what we know is true.  And we know what is true when we hear it. 

 So speak it loud and clear.  The spoken word also has power in the spiritual world.  I don’t know much about this… but I do know that when I speak truth there is an unleashing of power. There is a fight in the higher heavens and our prayers and praise are part of the warfare.  

 And, oh…  if you have a ten stringed harp or a lyre… feel free to strum away!



For the month of October… let’s put this to the test. With it being the month of thanksgiving and all…wanna join me?

 –          Each morning start off with proclaiming God unfailing love.  Then, step into your day with his confidence.

 –          Each evening take a moment to proclaim God’s faithfulness. Then rest the night in peace. 

 This sounds like a great way to do life. 

 Now… Enter your praise and thanksgiving and read other’s input as we all add our ‘two-cents’ to thoughts of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness.

 And of course.. read out loud…


8 thoughts on “Daily Fit’s and Starts, Endings and Encores

  1. I’ve been waiting to welcome you to the blog world for a long, long time! So… Welcome! I’m glad you are here.
    What a great challenge! I’m in! Several years ago, on a missions trip to Africa I did something similar. A friend of mine would ask me every single day “What did God do for you today?” I had several answers for her every single day. It’s amazing how many miracles we experience daily, but don’t realize because we fail to reflect on God’s active presence in our lives.

  2. Hey Doris, I am so glad that you have started your Blog. You are always encouraging and challenging. I actually just had this verse hit me in my quiet time last week. I have been doing a memory verse with Cheyanne and we have been writing it on her bathroom mirror with glass markers so that she sees it and is reminded to practice it. When I came across this verse last week I decided that it should be my challenge verse for the month so I wrote it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder everynight when I brush my teeth before bed, and every morning when I wake up. It has been an awesome way for me to remind myself to take that few minutes and just be in God’s presence for no other reason than to praise, worship, and thank him daily. Thanks Doris, and I look foreward to following your blog!! I have added you to my favourites 🙂

    • I love the idea of the bible verse on the mirror. You are a good mother Shawna… its is fun to watch you in action!!

  3. Doris! It is so awesome that you started your blog! You’re on my daily favourites … feeling pressure? ;0)
    You will give me much food for thought for this month. You are right when you say that we neglect to pick up on many of blessings that God sends our way and be thankful for them. The amazing thing is that even when we neglect to be thoughtful and thankful about them He doesn’t stop those blessings! He keeps pouring them on! Go figure! What an amazing God we have!
    Keeping a daily journal of those blessings is a great tool I’m going to introduce to the two ladies I mentor. One of them is going through a low period in life right now and this may be the spark she needs to see that God, in His great goodness, is still there, pouring out his love and blessings despite the struggles she is going through.
    I’m starting my thankfulness journal today too … and at the top of the list … DORIS BORN!

    • Marian… thanks for the blessing! You have a way with words and I’m ALWAYS encouraged when I read anything you write. Let me know what some of your others points of thankfulness are throughout this month!

  4. So I just banished my children to their rooms and washed my hands after dropping off all the bottles you saw and I just now sat down and read all of your blogs thus far. Thank-you so much!!! Some parts of this mothering journy have made me feel so rough and ragged and just these words of encouragement today are such a balm to my all to often weary heart.

    • It is for women at your stage in your journey that my heart seems to be drawn to… I do want to encourage you! May your heart be saturated by the love of an amazing and empowering Father.

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