Last night we got the call that every parent dreads.  “Dad… I’ve been in an accident…” sobbed our 17-year old daughter on the other end of the phone.  “.. The car… I lost control… it flipped… it’s on its roof.” Hysteria was in her voice and my husband strained to understand her words.  “I’m so scared…”

My hubby’s hands trembled as he hung up the phone after getting more details. We drove to the accident site and arrived just after the ambulance.  Although my daughter and her passenger were shaken up, they were able to get out of the car on their own.  My daughter’s friends were following behind her and they immediately were at the scene offering their support.  It was their cell phone that was used to contact us. The ambulance ride to the hospital and subsequent x-rays were only precautionary.  No broken bones, no serious injury, yet they are sore.

But there is another side of the story.  A story of friendships.

When we arrived at the accident, we were met by the ambulance attendant.  He approached us giving a quick run-down of what happened.   “The girls are okay… but they are shaken up” he concluded with his professional voice.  Immediately we recognized the attendant.  He had been on my husband’s slow-pitch team a few years ago.  Quickly, his demeanor changed from professional to friendly.  He gave us ample time to hug the girls, letting them cry on our shoulder before herding us gently into the ambulance.  Even though our daughter was strapped to the spine board, the drive to the hospital was quite relaxed as the attendant told stories and the conversation had a feeling of ‘catching up on the past couple of years’.

We walked into the emergency ward and were greeted by the nurses.  One was a friend from our homeschooling days, and the other was a good friend from church.  As they were going over my daughter’s vitals the emergency doctor looked over to the stretcher and smiled.  “Is that my babysitter?” he asked.  Yup – my daughter babysits once a week for him and his wife.  The care was great but it was even more comforting knowing that we were surrounded by friends.  Our friends came to the accident site and later to the hospital, lending us their car.

Then to top it off, the clerk at the admissions counter was a beautiful young woman that graduated with my oldest daughter.  Really… you know it’s a small town when…

The car is totaled.  Yup, the new car (see previous blog) but my baby girl is fine.  The police said that she was doing things right; seatbelts were done up, “N” on the car and only one other passenger (BC laws) and she wasn’t speeding.  Just a corner on a gravel road taken faster than her driving experience warranted. An accident.

It probably took less than 10 seconds to go from fishtailing to hitting the ditch and flipping. But those seconds keep replaying over and over in my daughter’s mind. 

Last night at about 3 am I went to check up on my daughter.  In her restless sleep she was whimpering and moaning.  I crawled into bed with her, hoping that the security of me being beside her would ease her emotional and muscular pain. Cuddling her for a few moments I realized once again that a mother’s comfort can only go so far.  This is where I need to turn her over to the care of our deepest friend- Jesus.  

I prayed again the very thing I prayed when I first wrapped my arms around the girls at the accident scene.  Thanking God that they were safe I asked His presence now to flood over their emotions allowing them to experience his peace. 

We were never promised an accident-free life. “In this world you will have trouble” John 16:33.  

But we have been promised a Savior that will walk each step of the way with us.  “I have told you these things to that you will have peace” John 16 :33

And this peace is deeper than friends’ care or a mother’s comfort “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Just as we enjoyed the care of various friends along the way last evening, I am entrusting the care of my daughter to my best friend of all.  Jesus can touch her mind and emotions with his peace. I trust him with this one.

Copywrite © Doris Born 2010 – Permission granted to use and reproduce with proper citation