Highways and Turning Points

We’re in Banff at a “Weekend to Remember” Marriage Conference.  We arrived a day early to help set up for this large event. I was stacking the weekend’s workbooks behind the registration table when I heard a song.  The hotel staff provided the choice of music played over the large sounds system and I laughed out loud and wondered if it was a coincidence or someone’s great sense of humor that picked the song “Highway to Hell”.

Ironic?  More like reality.  If you’ve ever been in a bad spot in your marriage, I’m sure you’ve experienced moments when if felt like your relationship was on a large road to destruction. Paved, double lane express traffic! I’ve been there.  I’ve had moments when I feared that our relationship was beyond repair.  We’ve both been tempted to ‘throw in the towel’ or just surrender to mediocrity. But, thankfully we never stayed in that place.

 My husband and I are both sports fans.  When we can’t catch the game in real time, we turn to TSN for highlights and updates.  There is one component that always catches my husband’s attention and it’s the “TSN Turning Point”.  At a specific point in a game something happens and flow of the competition turns into one of the team’s favor and the ultimate outcome is determined. 

A number of years ago, we had a “TSN Turning Point” in our marriage.  It happened right after a “Weekend To Remember” conference.  We had been going through a rough patch and the conference seemed to highlight the very stress that was underlining our relationship.  It was a root of dysfunction that was infiltrating every part of our lives.  After the marriage conference we had packed up our things, and headed out to the car with heavy and hardened hearts.

We were frustrated and quite honestly… we were each blaming the other person for the mess we both had created.

We drove in stone-cold silence for over two hours.  I know some of you are smiling.  Either that smile is because you’ve been there yourself, or you can’t believe that I could be quiet for two hours!

Then we experienced the TSN Turning Point in our marriage.  My husband turned off the “Highway To…”  Taking 200th Street Exit we pulled off the Trans Canada Freeway and found a restaurant.  And we talked.  Really talked.  We asked for forgiveness. We renewed ourselves to a new game plan that turned our relationship around.

There are about 780 people that are attending “The Weekend to Remember” Marriage Conference here at the Banff Springs Hotel.  The scenery is amazing as the venue is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It is a very beautiful place.  Perhaps this will be the place for another couple’s TSN Turning Point.  We all need them.