goin’ to winnipeg

Waiting in the departure lounge, we could hear the various flights heading to Mexico being announced.  It seemed like every departure gate around us was heading for a warm tropical paradise… and Will and I were heading to Winnipeg.’*

Although warm tropical vacation seems more enticing than the frozen prairies, we are glad to be in Winnipeg!  It is the first “Weekend to Remember” FamilyLife Canada Conference that Will has been in charge of (W2R). He visited here a couple of months ago, meeting with the volunteers, the hotel staff and setting all the details in order for this weekend. It will also be the first time that he runs the sound/media presentation, so we are anticipated a very full and exciting weekend.

This conference is one of five FL conferences that will be held across Canada this weekend.  There are two W2R conferences and three one day “A Day Together” conferences.  The W2R is using new manuals/material, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this weekend.

This is the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  And I think it is an appropriate weekend to have as many marriage conferences as possible!  Consider the feelings that Valentine’s bring.  Is there any other day of the year that is filled with such a juxtaposition of emotions?

For some couples it is a special day to shower romance and appreciation for a beloved spouse. For many it is a day of isolation and pain. Some endure Valentine’s Day because it elicits a cultural expectation of some kind of romantic enactment.  Whether single or married, Valentine’s is an emotionally loaded day.

I know that some marriages are warm and nurturing – like a tropical paradise. Others are more akin to the frozen vast prairies – cold and isolating. Whichever destination a marriages seems headed; there is always a chance for enrichment or change. This weekend, over 260 couples have signed up for a FL Canada marriage conference and this makes me glad. I know that excellent material will be presented and that there is the potential for lives and marriages to be transformed.

So, I will enjoy this weekend in Winnipeg (even though February is usually the coldest time of the year). I feel privileged to be part of an organization that seeks to improve relationships.

I think I might propose to our National Director that we should consider Mexico as a conference venue. Anyone want to sign up?

Sincerely, Doris Born (in Winnipeg)

* remember that Fountain Tire commercial?