Read all about it!


The youngest Born has left for university and thus it is official: Will and Doris Born are empty-nesters!

So… they have also left the nest and moved straight into a senior’s complex!


Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

We have decided that the next stage of our lives will be focused on me earning a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology. We have moved to Vancouver and as of September Will is the property manager of a not-for-profit organization that provides low-income housing for seniors. This job also includes housing and we are renting an apartment in the complex. As it is part of the job to be on-call for most days and nights in the week, the rent is a quarter of the cost of typical Vancouver housing. We also are living on a major transit route (bus/skytrain) which brings me to within a block of my school in downtown Vancouver.

The next two/three years will be designated to studying full-time in order to develop skills enabling me to practice as a therapist and psycho-educational speaker. My hubby is looking at his new position as a ‘working sabbatical’ as this job will be very different from the work he has been involved with in the past 25 years!

Behind the Story:

We are excited about the changes in our lives. For me it is a dream come true and Will is looking forward to the whole Vancouver experience. But it is also a bit of a weird thing to do. And living in a senior complex is not the weird part I’m talking about! For me the weird part is that all these changes have evolved around me. How many women in their mid-forties get to do what I am? Perhaps applying for a huge student loan isn’t really on any mid-life person’s wish list, but I have had a number of women look me in the eye and state that I am living their dream. I am blessed to have a husband that is willing to leave the comforts and familiarity of home and regular job and move.. for my dreams and aspirations. That is a lot to ask.

Especially for a woman. Now don’t get too excited about the last comment, but honestly, if I had a dollar for every person that asked “what will Will do?” when they heard about our plans, I probably wouldn’t have had to apply for that student loan. Will and I came up with a pat answer that turned more into a private joke between the two of us. When the inevitable question came up about how our plans would affect Will, we would answer: “He’s going to move to Vancouver and find a job”.

But God was before us all the way. Our Heavenly Father knew exactly what both his son and daughter needed at this juncture of our lives and he has blessed us both. Our new home is amazing, Will’s job is an absolute gift from God and I get more training to do what I feel called to do. I’ve don’t believed that God would bless one spouse at the expense of another, and God has proved this.

By the way, living in a senior’s complex has many benefits. We are constantly called ‘young folks’ and we always win the footrace to the elevator. Seriously, I am looking forward to learning not only from my studies but also from the beautiful people around me. And I am constantly learning life-lessons from my husband as we both strive to follow God – where ever that takes us! Empty nest, seniors complex or even downtown Vancouver.


5 thoughts on “Read all about it!

  1. So excited for you guys! And also slightly envious of you Doris! In hindsight I had many years before marriage to get a master degree and did not oh well! Once the kids are older! Have fun in this new stage of life!

    Love ya, Leanne

  2. It really is so exciting – what an adventure. Glad to hear that all the details have come together so beautifully. I love that God knows where we are going and is always present before us. Big hugs and a high five 🙂

    • So excited for you! Sounds like so far the transition has been okay! Hope you are loving school. Every time I think of what you are doing i am so proud of you…just going for it! I am sure it will be a real adventure for both you and Will. Yeah it is definitely is so cool how God aligned everything up! He is faithful! One of the verses that I have been reading and claiming everyday these days is in Psalm 37.
      In the New Living Translations it reads, “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of our lives. Though we stumble we will never fall b/c the Lord holds us with his hand!

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